Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ok feeling a bit overwhelmed now - information overload!! Think I need to unsubscribe to some of my feeds...

Google Reader

Just checked and I have 1000+ - yikes!!

More Random thoughts...

I just realised that so far my blog doesn't really comment on the actual 'things' that we're working through. It's simply random thoughts - guess that's why it's called 'Amy's Noggin'! Oh well, the main thing is I'm having a go at this blog thing. As far as Web 2.0 goes, I actually created a 'Facebook' page last week and surprisingly already have a few friends (legit not just random people FYI Colin!) I set it up largely because one of our LIT members has offered to set up a page for our group - we hope to discuss it at our next meeting in July. I'm trying not to get addicted to it. Anyway, I think Facebook is one of our 'Things' over the coming weeks so I guess you could say I've skipped ahead. Better get back to the 'Things' now and check my Google Reader - haven't looked at it for ages and am a bit scared!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I must have set up my blog with the intention of keeping it very secure as until now, no-one has been able to leave comments - sorry! I checked the 'Settings' and in the 'Comments' tab I'd selected 'Only members of this blog'. It is now open to one and all so comment away!!